On the auditioner's application form, we require the Schmieder index number (S., BWV or Anh) of the piece aperformer will play. We need this number to schedule auditions and Festival concerts. For example, Bach wrote more than one C Major Prelude!

Schmieder based his catalog on a numbering system begun in1926 by J. Wolgast. This work was almost destroyed in World War Two.Schmieder reconstructed the damage inflicted by the war and published hisindex in 1950, a recent accomplishment by comparison to Köchel's 1862 listfor Mozart's work. Then the tireless lexicographer produced an entirelynew edition in 1990! This second edition reflects much modern Bach scholarship, solving many old puzzles about Bach authorship but revealing many new ones, too. Students should refer to this second edition if at all possible.
The initials BWV abbreviate the German words Bach Werke Verzeichnis, or Bach Works Catalog. This is another name for Schmieder's list. Although the text is in German, the book shows the notes from the first few measures of most works. The Anhang(Anh) or appendix lists works considered to be of doubtful authenticity, but acceptable for audition.
We ask performers, please do your best to provide us with the proper S. or BWV number. It may be on the score you use. Music sections of most libraries should have the catalog as a reference, under 781.97 B122t. You can also try you have a CD or record album of the piece, check the liner notes, too.
The Schmieder number applies to a whole work, like a concerto. In addition, please specify the selected movements you will play or sign up to perform the entire piece.